19 March 2010

Final Logo Designs

As you may have guessed from the header the Logo designs are complete and we have a whole gallery of formats to choose from.  We're very happy with the items that we have recieved from the Curtis Design Group, LLC and look forward to many years of working with them on future items.  Hopefully, someday we will be big enough to actually afford to have them do more for us on the games.  We're getting business cards soon and now have the artwork to start our website.
We have been in contact with a couple of injection molding companies as well.  The quotes for game pieces have so far been a little disappointing but we're still working with them to see what we can do to bring the costs more in line with our expectations.
We have also started looking for graphic artists to produce some designs for game pieces (Asset Cards, Board tiles, and Occupancy Markers).  We have 2 designers for game pieces and 1 for the cover.  I'm excited about Mark Mahaffey doing the cover because he too is a game designer and has done some box covers already that I was impressed with.  I've been tempted to ask him to do the playing pieces as well, but I'm not sure we could afford that right now.  I may not have a choice in the end if I want a real quality, professional looking game, but I'm not sure that he does that stuff yet.
Stay posted and we hope you like the new look of the blog header.  Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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