29 March 2012

A Long Time...

It's been far too long!
Recently we've been prompted by tax time to get back in the game.  We started getting receipts and other items together for taxes and that's when the realization of how long it's been since we've done any significant work on any of our games and it pushed us into action.
While we've been doing more work in the past month than in most of last year, it was today that we took a small step forward towards getting Generals published.  We met with Phil Stewart from PCM Custom Molding about manufacturing our game pieces and he seemed genuinely excited about the opportunity.  Along with Plaztech, LLC, who creates the molds for him, we were able to make significant strides forward to get quotes for the pieces during a face-to-face meeting this afternoon.  There time and inputs were greatly appreciated and they have ideas to try and make the pieces as cost efficiently as possible while producing something that will be of good quality.  Both of which are obviously important to us.
They've committed to delivering quotes for the pieces by end of next week and we are pretty excited that we were able to find a local company to support us in the endeavor.
Now we have some real work to get completed:
  1. Pricing for other game pieces
    • Cards (we have one quote and hope to find something a bit cheaper)
    • Serrated Chips and Leader Puck
    • Game Board Pieces
    • A publisher for the Money
    • Dice (Again we have a good quote from Chessex for these but if we can find cheaper, then all the better)
    • Army Markers & Resource Numbers
  2. At some point in, hopefully, the near future we will need the Rulebook created and printed as well as the Box and insert
  3. Most of all we need to get the fun part started again and get Playtesters.  Soooo, if you know people willing to travel to the QC to play we would love to hear about it or we could look at putting games together elsewhere if enough people we willing to give us time.
#3 is pretty critical since we really need to polish the rules to a final revision and get the artwork completed.
Also, I'm looking for a nice looking home page for our website so that we have at least something presentable sitting out there in webland.  I really wasn't happy with what we had before and took everything down to the garbage template that I accidentally picked when I started the website.
Any help people can give is appreciated and the best I can offer you right now is your name in the rulebook. :)

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