01 May 2010

Latest Meeting

During our latest meeting we took some time to discuss the Revolution Series of games and really started to hammer out the mechanics for the next game "Mercenaries".  We got much of the game figured out and are probably to a point that we should start playtesting as soon as we can get all the pieces printed, which we intend to do during the next week.  This should be a lower cost game that we may utilize to make our break into the market and the game should play out in much less time than Generals does.  We'll provide more details later but the interaction of the Series, as you can see from the pictures below, is starting to come together a little more.

We need to create the pieces that will go between the team pieces and determine how everything will come together, but feel like we have a good thing started.  We will probably shrink the board a bit as well.  We will continue to update this as it develops.

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