07 May 2010


IT'S READY! We have developed Mercenaries of the Revolution to a point where we think it's time for playtesting. So now it's time to request people who would like to act as playtesters. This game is not nearly as long to play as Generals, but it may fuel more discussion about the play and mechanics initially. We may leverage family members to play in the coming months during Sunday dinners.
Mercenaries will be cheaper to make and quicker to play and may actually end up being the game we bring to market first. I'm printing many of the components this weekend and everything else is pretty much complete. It's probably to a point where we may be comfortable having Mark quote us on the artwork. I just need to find the many to be able to pay him. I would definitely prefer to have a package deal where the games are similar to each other and help form the Prodigy Game Works brand.
We expect communication back from the corporation commission any day now to make it official and eagerly await the good news. And the website should start progressing soon as well.
Stay tuned for more to come in the near future.

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  1. YAY!! Good luck with everything. I'm up for some play testing!