18 August 2010

Long Game Weekend

We're planning a BIG weekend for Labor Day.  We're planning various war game playing for Saturday and Monday in Mesa, AZ. over the long weekend and have confirmations from many people for one day or the other and some for both.  We're inviting anyone that wants to join us to post a comment and let us know what days you are available and what games you would like to play.
So far we know we'll have the 2 Prodigy Game Works prototypes (Generals of the Revolution & Mercenaries of the Revolution) as well as the old standbys like Risk, Fortress America, and Memoir '44.  We welcome any games, especially war games, that you may want to remind us about or introduce us to as well.
Let us know and we'll make sure to make arrangements to accommodate you as best as we are able to do so.  If you want to provide us your email address to receive a schedule of games or for future reference you can also contact me at JBiggs@ProdigyGameWorks.com.
We look forward to seeing you!

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