31 July 2010

Generals game

We invited the Call family to come over and play Generals of the Revolution last night.  They already had an idea of how to play since I had given them one of the prototype games with a set of rules quite some time ago.  They indicated that some of them had played it 3 times and had some questions about some of the rules.  I knew going into it that the rules would need some more work based on pictures Aaron had posted on Facebook.  We played and talked for about 3.5 hours and got as far as you see below.  Had we stayed focused on the game we probably would have gotten much further but there were questions that I had for them and ones they had for me, and then the occasional girls camp song since Jess recently got back from girls camp. :)
This is probably my favorite board setup that I have played and I wish we could have played longer but it was late and we were all a bit tired.  One thing that would have made the game better was a 4th player to even out the board, but it was great nonetheless and I appreciated the input and time we had playing.
I'm excited about the opportunity to play games on Labor Day weekend and the Calls have commented that they look forward to it as well.

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