24 November 2010


For those who have been follwoing the blog since the beginning you might remember that a while back we were playing with the notion, based on expertise/input from Mark, of potentially commissioning some artwork from an artist known as Sketchbook on DeviantArt.com that had art very much tied in with what our vision for Generals would be.  It is something we are still very much interested in doing but with our budget and the hold on Generals it didn't make sense at this time to pursue it.
Since that time the concept has stayed with me and I started to look at other potential types of art for not only Generals but for Mercenaries and Snipers.  I came across another artist that I think would really capture the essence of what Mercenaries is intended to be and again the samples of art were found on DeviantArt.com.  The artists' nickname there is Ukitakumuki. Much of the art he (assuming he's male based on the type of art he tends to post) has posted is really close to what I would envision as part of Mercenaries.  I have posted a slideshow at the bottom to show his gallery.  The ones that stuck out to me were (in no particular order):
  1. Into the Fray
  2. Convoy
  3. Op. Chastity: On the Prowl
  4. Black Century
  5. Rise and Shine
You'll likely get all his Star Wars and other types of art as well and will have to click through to see all of the ones I posted or you can do a search for tehm in DeviantArt.com and view the ones I have listed.
What do you think?

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