24 November 2010

Mercenaries Game Artwork

We've been working with Mark Mahaffey again to get artwork for Mercenaries since much of our focus has now turned towards publishing that first. We've since shared the work he did for the title block and since then he made a minor revision (Blue Splash) which I tend to like for the most part.

We made a down payment towards game component artwork as well as the box for the game earlier this week and he has already presented us with a concept for the helicopters.
I am very pleased with what he has come up with and will likely request some additions to the concepts. I would like to hear what people think of these and people who have been following the blog for a while will likely recognize the logos from the artwork Mark created for Generals. This was done intientionally since the Revolution Series of games are meant to tie in. He is also working on a currency for Revolution as well and we look forward to the designs for the rest of the components.
Please feel free to post any comments.

1 comment:

  1. The font for Mercenaries is going to have to grow on me. I'm sure I saw it from your last post but I don't remember not liking it??? Love the helicopter graphics though.