30 December 2010

Mercenaries is coming...

We feel like we are really starting to get close with Mercenaries and need some significant playing time to hammer out the last of the details for the rules.  We're looking to have some play time next Saturday at my house and we will likely have playtesting for Generals and a newer game as well.  I hope to have 2 prototype sets of Mercenaries to play for those who may want to join us since it's a much quicker game to play.
 With that news, as we have shared previously, Mark has sent us an update on the art that he has in progress and we would like to share that with followers as well.  We hope you are as impressed as we are with it:
For those who have playtested Generals for us, you may recognize some of the art on the board.  For those who are not you can look at previous posts or wait for Generals to get published in the future to see the references.  It's kind of funny to think that when it does get published that people will think we took art from Mercenaries and incorporated it into Generals when in fact it was the other way around.

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