06 January 2011

Playtesting Games for Prodigy Game Works

We're planning playtesting dates and would like to understand when people would be willing and available to play.  We obviously have Generals to a point where people are playing it with little more help than just reading the rules (something that needs to be revisited but not a priority since we have postponed publishing it) and Mercenaries just needs some more game play time to settle the rules, but it's mostly complete as well.  I've been having people play it with some revised 'John' rules and I think that is the direction that I will be taking the documentation.
We also have a 3rd game that we are prototyping so we can begin some play time with it as well.  The best way we can think of explaining the concept of this game is Monopoly on Steroids.
The big thing with all of this is we need players.  If you are interested in playtesting any of the above games for us we are eager to know.  We have started a playtest distribution list and if you would like to be added for future contact you can either go to ProdigyGameWorks.com and contact us via the contact tab or just email us at JBiggs@ProdigyGameWorks.com.
We are planning for some game play at John's house on the 15th of January from 10am to whenever people would like to stay and will have some refreshments available.  Hope to see a lot of people there and you can just leave a comment to this post to let us know if you will be coming.

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