12 February 2011


It's really truly amazing to us the number of games that exist out in the industry and even the big stores probably only carry about a percent of them.  A bit frustrating as game designers thinking about getting our games on their shelves.  Most of what we come across are people like us with games they design and sell from there websites and try to get them into distribution and onto retail shelves.
One of the greatest things about designing games is the information we come across while doing research.  Having stated this, it seemed like a good idea to pass some of this information on to readers of our blog and one of the sites that we are consistently coming across is a boardgame review site by Scott Nicholson who is a library scientist and professor, but is also a game hobbyist and has his own site for sharing games that he has been given by funagaingames.com.  His site is http://www.boardgameswithscott.com/ and he does a really good job of explaining games via videos and we hope that you might find some usefulness to his site and maybe even find a game that you might be motivated to buy.
Unfortunately, he has stopped really reviewing games as of the beginning of the year and really only did family games and not wargames but interesting nonetheless.
A video review I liked:

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