12 April 2012

Calling all Aspiring Writers

We've got an idea we would like to run by people and see what kind of interest we get.  Our idea is to start a game review blog that we would also monetize and we would like to find any aspiring writers who are also game players to review games (usually will not be Prodigy Game Works games) and post their reviews. 
We would provide the games for you to play with friends and you could play them as much as you like but ultimately we would own them.  We figure we're getting games on occassion anyway to glean ideas from and we would like to put them to use as much as possible.
We are willing to pay a little money for each post and will likely share a percentage of any payments we get from Google for ad clicks.
Obviously, you would need to be local so we can share the games with you and we will give inputs on submissions but if you are interested we can start looking into the possibility.  Also, we may even make some Vlogs that could also be posted to YouTube.
Please contact us via a comment to this posting or email John at JBiggs@ProdigyGameWorks.com.

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