01 June 2012

Phoenix Comicon

Comicon Day 3 Saturday May 26th

We had a large number of people stop by today.  Not many more were there to actually play but we got to talk about the game a lot more and mad many more contacts and expanded our network considerably.
The list in no particular order:
Ian, our artist, stopped by early and brought us quite the welcomed surprise.  He had put together some rought sketches and not so rought sketches of our playing pieces and put them into one nice display which we gladly put on display with the game.  It was certainly a great addition to the table.
While Ian and I were talking a photographer asked if he could take pictures of the game and after providing him with a pen we got to talking and it turns out that he did the video work for Crash Games website and Kickstarter presentation (a future blog post unto itself).  Indeed a small world.
Jesse stopped by while I was away and Rosie got to talk to him a bit about teh game and he later returned while it was being played and I was ablet o talk to him a bit more.  He's an artist and we have been impressed with his map capabilities on his website rivengard.com and he led us on to the Consim Expo in June.  He is just starting to build his portfolio and we look forward to future meetings and opportunities to maybe work together in the future.
Patrick and Codey from Combined Multimedia who stopped in long enough to play a game which drew other folks to look in and request information about the game. They are video game developers trying to start their own company as well and they do some webiste development as well.  Somethign we may put to use in the near future.  Patrick reemphasized the idea of utilizing 'baseball' cards for advertisement rather than the fliers we are currently employing much as Jay had mentioned previously and it will be something we will implement in the future.  People are more likely to hold on to them longer.
While Patrick and Cody were playing Generals of the Revolution, Ron, who lives and works in Mesa for Boeing, also stopped by and joined the game.  He seemed quite impressed with our game.
I talked with another board game developer, Ian (not our artist), who led me to others in the valley as well as potential manufacturers.  He told me about a local company that was exhibiting in the convention center whom I wanted to go visit but could never find the time to do so.  As it turns out it may not have mattered becuase I think I misunderstood the name of the company because I wrote down Iconica, but found no such exhibiter in the program and never was able to break away and make it over to the convention center.
Jordan requested that I show her and Rosie how to play the game and while doing so it brought a 7 year old boy to the table to play.  I had to inform him that the game was for older people, but with Jordans request it helped spark interest in other, older folks as well.  In fact that was the time when Patrick and Cody stopped by.

While strolling through the Con, Jordan and Rosie came across some other tools and contacts too numerous to mention here, but needless to point out at this time the convention was definitely time well spent.
While typing this up, it occurred to me that I should summarize some of the key learnings and contacts for future reference and that may also be a future post on the blog.
We have also since found out that the convention drew over 32000 people over the 4 days it was held.

We look forward to the opportunity to exhibit Generals next year and think we will likely be granted the opportunity again.

I thank everyone who provided input and for the great support from all including family and friends who have watched us with eagerness and interest.
THANK YOU once again!

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