29 June 2012

Revolution Currency

Double Goodness tonight.

We got a follow up call from Ian to catch up on his trip to Origins and he wanted to let us know that while things have been a bit quiet between us for the last couple of weeks that he is working on concepts for us.  Something new that he has run across and started is a new website called IZombieU.com where he takes pictures you send in to him and turns you into a Zombie.
Ian Rosenthaler
If that is something you are interested in (i.e. like zombies, think you might want something for a Halloween Invitation, etc) then please visit our friends website to learn more or his Kickstarter page to help him out and get a picture of yourself zombified.
Also we got currency concepts from Mark for Generals of the Revolution which we hope to also use for the whole Revotution series (thus the 10 amount was thrown in as well).
We'd love to get your comments on what you think of the concept so help a brother out and post a comment with your thoughts.

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