09 August 2009


The most effective playtesting to date occurred over the last 2 days and it was actually kind of fun to play the game, but it needs quite a bit of work yet. Hollie, Jay, and Todd helped me out. This says quite a bit because Hollie seemed genuinely interested in playing, Jay is always there for me (just asks that I put his face into the cover of the game when I publish) and Todd, who is always there for me, but generally has no interest in this type of game whatsoever actually seemed to get into it and all had some initial feedback that could prove helpful. I appreciate all that have helped so far as well as patient spouses and hope that they can continue :) because there is a lot to do yet and I hope to someday submit the game to the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design (AAGAD) in the future. We left the game set up at the end of the night to hopefully complete at a later date. Rosie I ask your increased patience and more importatly your kitchen table :) in your birthday month (I'm not sure I fully buy into this month thing yet. It seems your month always last longer then mine). Again, I need to get some pictures up on the blog to show a little more detail as to how it is coming along. Maybe I can get Jay to send me the picture he took at the end of the night.

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