23 January 2010

Awaken & Arise my MINIONS!!!

Okay, maybe I got a bit too excited, but I just can't help it when I see this.

We now have enough game pieces to have 2, and almost a 3rd, complete prototype games.  Like I said in my previous post we cut down on some of the playing pieces which really enabled much of this.
We anticipate new designs for a logo , business cards, Swag item (i.e. t-shirts), commmercial #10 envelopes, sales slicks, Powerpoint Template, Sales Slick, and letterhead.
We hope to schedule a couple more Playtesting dates in the near future as well.  So if you are interested in free lunch and playing Revolution.  Please let us know.


  1. Why am I just now finding this blog? I had no idea you had a blog for your game!!! What the FREAK!!!

  2. It's been here for a while and has been a link from our blog since it was created. I didn't want to put it in peoples faces and make them feel obligated to look at it.