18 January 2010

Three Player Playtest

Prodigy Game Works took another step closer towards production of Revolution.   Jay got his dad, Eddie, to play the game with us on Saturday and in 4 short hours we were able to play a large portion of a game before it was time to break up to go watch the Cardinals game.

We got some good ideas to help the game play along and ran into some scenarios that we had not yet thought of before.  We also felt fairly comfortable with cutting down the number of game pieces.
Here's a picture closer to the game board about an hour and a half into the game.

Next steps are to officially kick off the company and get a logo.  We have plans to meet with a Brand designer from Curtis Design Group LLC to begin working on a company logo.  Hopefully this will help give us some added legitimacy when we start meeting with people and creating a solid network.
We are planning a trip to Las Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show in March.

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