11 January 2010

Games, Games, Games

As you can probably tell from the latest revision to the blog, the company name is going to be PRODIGY GAME WORKS.  A 2 year contract has been purchased for the site ProdigyGameWorks.com and .net and we eagerly look forward to the first revision of website in the near future.
We've started meeting more regularly now with the perception that the game is nearly complete.  We're looking for Game Playtesters in earnest now with 2 boards ready for play.  We're planning to do some playtesting this Saturday.  The time is still TBD, but we are anticipating some major breakthroughs during this round of playtesting as we hope to have a game where everyone has played before so we won't need to go over the rules much.
From our last meeting it was determined that a professional logo be created and John will start to work with companies to begin the branding of the company.
One major item is that 3 games are in work at different levels of development with REVOLUTION obviously the farthest along.  The other 2 are planned to be (at least for the moment) SNIPER and MERCENARIES pending more research.  The interesting thing that will come with teh developement of the two new games is that they will all be somewhat interactive.  The great thing about this will be that the games can be played independently or as a master game and they can be played as a two hour game or over a long period of time such as D&D which most people have heard of.
For anyone interested in becoming a play tester for us I will give a brief description of the game.  We think that people that love playing RISK and would like to take the next step in gaming evolution will love playing REVOLUTION.  It's a war game somewhat similar to the idea of Risk and global domination with more intricacies.  The board for the game is different every time you play (unless of course you want it to be the same) and sets up with 5 different Hexagonal tiles(similar to SETTLERS OF CATAN for those familiar with that game).  Unlike Risk; however, you have more than just 1 infantry type of battle piece.  There are Infantry (Troop Rockers), Armor, Sea, and Air pieces that possess different capabilities determined by the amount of training that you are willing to invest in them.  The capabilities are then directly correlated to the dice that you can roll for them in battle (4d, 6d, 8d, 10d).
Like Risk the die rolls determine winners and losers so obviously the higher die type you roll the greater the odds of victory.
By possessing land areas (the Hexagonal tiles) of Fuel, Metal, Mortar, and Lumber, you can obtain resources and money to build manufacturing facilities which then develop and train the different types of military troops.  You can see examples of the different pieces below.  Instructions come with the games but the fastest way to learn is to join us for playtesting and we can quickly explain the game and you can play with us.
If you are interested in playtesting for/with us or have any questions please feel free to leave a comment.

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