10 July 2010

New Name

Jay and I had the opportunity to attend RandomCon and share our game concepts with Gamers.  During the course of sharing the game there was another game developer that took interest in the game and as often is the case there was the comment that the Troop Rockers looked like Jacks.  They, to be brutally honest, do remind one of those play toys.  But then he made the comment that they reminded him of Caltrops and when asked told us what a caltrop was and I thought, "What a potentially interesting name for the playing piece."
Todd has always laughed that I used the name Troop Rocker and suggested I find a new shorter name for the piece.
So, I now put the question out to our followers and ask, "What do you think of the name change to Caltrops?"


  1. How about you tell us what caltrops are?!

  2. I like it. Muuuuuch better than troop rocker.

  3. And, did you ask him about aqua pods? Because that is an awesome name!