19 July 2010


Jay and I had the excellent opportunity to attend RandomCon July 9th and 10th and exhibit our games, meet other game designers, and best of all interact with other gamers.  I say other gamers and while I consider myself a game player I am nowehere near the gamer of people we were abel to meet.  On Saturday Jay and I played a 2 player game of Generals of the Revolution.  Jay beat me fairly handily as you might be able to tell by the finsihed game below.
Then we had some others join in the playing.  They both appeared to enjoy the game and have even started following us on Facebook as well.
We look forward to attending again next year and anticipate having Mercenaries of the Revolution published and ready for play.  We enjoyed mingling with the game players there.
We like the look of the game with the actual art on the board and cards.  It will only be better when it goes to actual production.

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