03 February 2010

Initial Logo Designs are in!!!

These are copies of the original revisions of concepts that have been presented by Curtis Design Group (in the order the designer presented them with corresponding numbers):

Mind you colors and things can change, but this is where we stand right now.  There are a few that I like and I think a hybrid of 2 or more of them is what I would propose and I would love to hear what everyone thinks that follows this blog.  Please feel free to post comments and vote using the buttons in the left column.


  1. If you would like bigger PDF copies let me know and I can forward them to you. These are scanned copies of the hard copies I received.

  2. I liked the first one yesterday...now I'm not so sure. I really liked the multicolored hex...reminds me of 3-d art, but it would kind of limit you to that game board I would think, so I didn't vote for it. But it's my favorite if your plan is to always use that style of game board.