28 February 2010

Unit Names

We had a great day of game play testing yesterday and the discussion turned to the naming of the pieces.  The question came up of why are the Troop Rockers called what they are and not infantry or soldiers when none of the other pieces have distinct names?
The answer is simple, I haven't come up with any names.  Todd named the Troop Rockers while designing them for me in SolidWorks (3D Modeling software).  I came up with ArmTechs for the armored units, but then found that it was a company name, so I then came up with ArmTors, but it hasn't really stuck.
This leads to where the discussion headed.  Kendra and Hollie then both thought it cute to say you should name the Troop Rockers, Soldiers; the armored units, Tanks; the Sea pieces, Boats; and the Air units Airplanes.  REAL CUTE.  Obviously, they were saying these things tongue in cheek (at least I hope they were), and then throughout the game Hollie kept throwing out names for all of the pieces.  Some of which were okay and others not so much.  All of this said, Hollie said that I should put up a survey with a list of names and let people pick.  I have posted a poll for Infantry names to the left and the rest on the right (Trying to balance the blog a little :)).  As the last option for all I have put Better in Comments- meaning that you can come up with something better than the available options and you have posted them in comments for this posting.
I very well hope that the last option wins for most if not all and I am excited to see what people can come up with.  I will then repost some polls in a week with a better list of options (ones left in comments) and open those up to opinions.
Thanks in advance for your postings!

1 comment:

  1. Infantry: Battle Scout
    Air: Fight Kite or RamJet

    From Hollie, not Bret