22 February 2010

New Game Name

I've been getting new names for the game tossed at me from different directions.  My mom came up with one yesterday that I really liked with a slight twist.  She said "Lords of the Revolution" and I'm thinking seriously about "GENERALS of the REVOLUTION" as the name for the game.
I've also recruited another fan that is willing to play this Saturday.  A long time friend who I talked to today about the idea while he was helping me with some ideas for taking credit cards on my website and while I'm out and about trying to sell the game asked about the details of the game and got interested.  Jeremy Goodman will most likely join us for some game play this weekend.  We should have at least 4 people there to play (Jay, John, Hollie, & now Jeremy) and if Eddie is able to make it as well then all the better.  I get really excited when people show interest in the game.  Hopefully it continues to garner support and excitement.
Also, I sent a message to the Scott Curtis about the company logo.  I opted for Concept 6 with some input to add a more professional version of a logo I came up with a few months ago. 

I'm excited to see what he comes back with.

1 comment:

  1. When I drew that logo design it was with a white background and I liked it quite a bit. Concept 6 from Curtis Design Group really inspired me to use it and now seeing it with black I really dig it. This is the first time I've seen it with the black.