16 April 2010

Federation/Faction Names

In our meeting yesterday we discussed several things, but one thing I wanted to start getting feedback on was something that Jay brought up.  Rather than just plain old colors we would like to have federation names.  If you have something good please comment and we will open a poll at some future time for voting.  We need 4 names and with your name please tell us your color alignmment (if it means something to you).
Also, we discussed the storyline behind the game a little.  The artist doing our box art asked if there was a storyline and we basically had to tell him what we had in the rules under the introduction and objective section.  That got us thinking and we are most likely going to up the amp it up a bit.  For this I requested my up and coming author Sister, Hollie, to come up with something. Excited to see what we end up with but she has already come up with a first revision to what we had.  The finished product will likely make a nice post in the future.

1 comment:

  1. You're a funny, funny man. I don't like this idea, I prefer just colors.