05 April 2010

We're getting serious about this now...

Our facebook page is up now, but I would hardly call it running.   Talked with Christina today and sounds like email will most likely be ready be End of week.
Only a little over a week left for voting your color.


  1. d*mn the people who aren't voting for purple!

  2. Kendra,
    This first expansion color will be purple. :)

  3. WHAT?! This game is primarily going to be for men, let's be honest. What man wants to be purple?!?!!!!??!!!
    Hollie (Bret didn't sign out again!!)

  4. The question is what color do you use when you play. What color did you vote for Hollie?
    Risk has purple in it and you play Generals of the Revolution. Here at Prodigy Game Works we are equal opportuinty gamers. :)