02 April 2010

Prodigy Game Works Progress

It's almost official.  We will soon be an official LLC and work is in progress for our website and company emails should be active before long.  These are things that we have made priorities towards becoming a company and publishing by October 1, 2010.  It is our goal to not only publish by that time but also submit for an Origins Award for board games among others.
We appreciate all those who have helped get us to this point.  At risk of forgetting someone I will try and name those I can think of right now.  Probably foremost would be Rosie for her patience with a fanatical husband followed by Jay, Todd, Kendra, and Hollie.  They have been hugely instrumental in getting Prodigy Game Works to the point that it is and more importantly Generals of the Revolution.  I would be ungrateful if I didn't also thank Eddie and Danny Guerrero for the time they have given me with playtesting (I guess Nancy as well for letting me steal them on the weekends).    I need to recognize Christina as well for helping with guidance and her web support among other things.  I also want to thank my mom for the name of the game and use of her home for playtesting.
I also thank my dad for the experience he provided that pretty much prompted this whole activity as mentioned in previous emails.  I most certainly wish he were still around to see this. He and Mom have always been so supportive of most everything that I have done even when they didn't understand the motivation (i.e. College Football walk-on after quitting a great job at Delta Airlines).
Lastly, and probably most importantly, I recognize my Heavenly Father for the promptings and inspiration for much of the game mechanics.  Hollie always asks how this all came about because it seems so far-fetched, and I can only attribute it to the late night and early morning promptings that saw me at the computer or drawing up new ideas on a few hours sleep.  This, after all is said, is what keeps me trying.
THANK YOU to all who have helped.  Their are others who have given of their time to playtest and provide input as well.  I greatly appreciate all those who have made their way to read the blog as well.  That has been encouraging.  Especially when I see people around the world who look at it.

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