12 April 2010


We've been developing our second game (may turn out that it hits the market first). It looks like Mercenaries (actaully it will be called Mercenaries of the Revolution) will start to take shape soon to kick off the Revolution Series of an eventual series of three (and potentially more) game series to be introduced.
The thing that will make this interesting is that the games will be interlinked by a master board and teams can be developed to play a master game at different times and tracked for game play.  We hope to bring friends to the table with this concept rather than via online forums with little or no interaction.
The 3rd game in the series will be Snipers of the Revolution and their is a concept for a 4th game to be named later.
Most people following the blog know about Generals of the Revolution and the name of the fourth game will be first announced via the blog for loyal followers.


  1. Seriously? You should tell me the name and tell me now!!

    And who voted for pink as a team color??! Black, always black, because baby, the good guys don't always wear white. Unless I'm playing Settlers which doesn't have black (ptooie), then it's orange.

  2. Orange probably should have been an option now that you mention it. I think the pink vote was from someone in the mideast. That selection seemed to turn up the day they were on. I'm not sure who it is. The city shows as unknown whenever it pops up. They visit fairly often too.
    Only one day left for votes.