23 May 2012

Box Art Idea

When it was originally created we loved the Box Art for Generals of the Revolution with the exception of the portal, center piece with the waterfall and felt like a war scene in the middle would better.  We are certainly still a fan of the box and with the evolution of the artwork that Ian has been coming up with, we think it could be improved.
John has been coming up with a high level idea to request a revision from Mark with Ians piece parts as well as Marks Logo designs and the army colors.
We will try to grammatically explain the concept:
We want to keep the title and raise it more toward the top
Keep the red 'ribbon' cutting the box in 2 pieces and raise it to the middle.
Then essentially take the battle scene that Ian is creating and put that behind the 'ribbon' and take the color and logos that Mark created and use those as a transparent overlay of the battle in for pieces to show kind of like the box art that Mark did for War of the Suns:

 with something like this:
I'm sure Mark will be able to use his artistic capabilities to make it look better than I have here and to cover the box, but this give the general idea.
I'm not sure how well I've conveyed the idea, but I hope this gives you an idea of where our heads our for our future design.
All in all in might look something like this:
Obviously with better resolution and the other changes we're thinking about above.

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