09 May 2012

Meeting Ian

We had a meeting with Ian Rosenthaler last night and overall liked what he brings to the table.
At risk of making it sound like I'm blowing wind up his skirt because I know he'll likely be reading this, he is very motivated and passionate and we pretty much came to an agreement during the meeting to proceed to some concepts.  To show how much we has taken the initiative he contacted me yesterday asking about the what concepts I had in mind and asked about other details.  When I pointed him to my Deviant Art account he took it upon himself to prove he's not a one dimensional fantasy artist and that we is equally comfortable pursuing somethign in scifi as well and in one night came up with a few items to prove himself.
Needless to say I was impressed to see him take the initiative and bring the above (the scan doesn't really do it justice) with him to our meeting.
I look forward to seeing more from him next week and I've promised to deliver some more details about the pieces and the faction logos we have from Mark.  We'll keep you updated and will likely look for feedback from you.  I'm really partial to one of the designs above though its not really exactly indicative of what the Caltrop is, and again, anxiously await what he comes up with for all of the pieces.

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