03 May 2012

Plastic Molds

A few weeks ago we published a post about meeting with a local company about potentially manufacturign our game pieces.  We've been terribly delinquent with a follow up post to let you know how it went.
It's not that we just let things go.  We've had several meetings (Face-to-Face and telephone) to try and work something out that will be mutually beneficial.  The hardest thing is coming up with the delicate balance between long-term and short-term budgets as well as trying to determine the best manufacturing process so the numbers on the pieces will show up clearly without increasing the cost per piece too dramatically.
All of that said, the folks at Plaztech and PCM Custom Molding have been very flexible and have revised their quotes and sharpened their pencils to try and make something work.  Something we've really not been able to get out of many manufacturers.  Still the costs for molds tends to push us outside our budget.  We continue to search for options and PCM has agreed to hold their costs even at lower volumes which helps tremendously but in the end to make money we would still need to sell thousands of games to really break even due to mold costs and we haven't even really started quoting other components of the game past cards, dice, and mini poker chips.
Things aren't looking great but we press on hoping to find a way to make a go of it and hopefully can drum up interest at Comicon and might possibly be able to get enough people on board that we at least know we can sell a minimum.  We will also start calling local game stores to see what we would need to do to get on shelves.  With enough interest it would reduce some of the risk of $32k for molds.
Our deepest appreciation goes to Plaztech and PCM.  I've been encouraged by Phil's enthusiasm for a project he knows only from what I've briefly told him.

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