24 May 2012

Phoenix Comicon

Comicon  Day 1 Thursday May 24th

What can, or should, I say about Day 1.
It was the tale of two halves I suppose.  The first half, sitting there by myself with very few people, I got very discouraged.  Mostly it was too much time to think.  I kept wondering why I do this to myself.
Then about 5pm hit and things started to pick up.  All in all I am very pleased with how things went.  We had a substantial number of people stop by and ask questions while I rambled and if nothing else I got to polish my shpiel a bit.  Then one guy came and was really interested in getting in some play time just based on my description of the game and anyone who knows me knows that I'm not a salesperson, but I am passionate about Generals.  He said he would be bringing his friends to play one of the days and that they are all interested in the big box games that take hours to complete.  He was a really great guy.  He ended up calling one of his friends over and they agreed it was something that they should work into their schedules.
Then a couple of guys stopped by and asked some questions.  Then they asked if I would be there through the weekend and committed to getting to a table to play it with their friends.
Then yet another stopped and said he didn't have 4 hours to give me but was interested in seeing other people play and said he would be stopping by again.
Their were many others that stopped by and talked, asked questions, and I provided them with Lanyards, pens, and flyers.
I really appreciated those who took time to find out more about our prototype game and hope it sparked some interest in you as well.
THANK YOU very much!

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