11 May 2012

Comicon Program Details

We've been given a great opportunity to have Generals of the Revolution played at Phoenix Comicon this year and as such will be listed in the program.
We've been given space for 256 characters to tell about our game and/or company and as such we have come up with teh following for each:
Prodigy Game Works

Prodigy Game Works LLC is an Arizona based company dedicated to the design and publishing of strategy board games. Our intent is to bring people to the game table for camaraderie and social interaction.

Generals of the Revolution

A game of economic and military strategy set in the near future. You are a General, managing and commanding the development and deployment of your military. Every game is something new forcing you to adapt your strategy to maps and economic change.

Let us know your thoughts on each (keeping in mind that we only have 256 characters or less.

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